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when the last time you do work with full of heart?

Yesterday me and my wife came to @atamerica event attended event about leadeship talk, one of the speaker is @renecc one of my favorite coach/inspirator or whatever its called.. on that talk he mentioned about “people,passion and performance”. I”ve seen many of rene speech in youtube or tv but each of it still really interseting and there always something new from him.
many of his statement or question to us that inspiring me, some of it are :
-when the last time you enjoy your activity,and feel thats really me!
-what your work impact for the environment or people around you?
-do you follow your heart to do the activity so you give your full energy because you so passionate about that?

Thing less, feel more! he said passion is something that the acitvity you enjoy most, and it could many things…maybe you enjoy most when cooking, you enjoy most when selling, you enjoy most when facing child etc…whatever it is you feel become the best version of yourself

in summary he added that our choice of activity must be good in :
– financially benefit
– give impact to environment and people

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Legacy project

This thinking initiated by feelings that life is so short and quick…yesterday you feel that just graduated from highschool,hangout with first year university friend, and now suddenly realized that you have married, or just realized that tomorrow is your 40+ birthday! ( though i”m not that old yet..hehe) and I remembered in stephen covey quote “starting from the end is looking to the finishnline what are the people will remember you when you have died? what will people know or remembered when your name is called? or from the film “gladiator” general Maximus said “what we do in life echoed in ethernity”

This quote is strongly noted that what our contribution to the humankind and as legacy.Some of the legacy that we can initiated

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