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the creative jungkies

this is about the book that i bought this month and last month. yup one of my inspiring person, yorris sebastia, he wrote two books already and the book really show him how he practice his creative mind from time to time. firs book: oh my goodness! told about his background, and told about his habit in creativity and how he become “addicted” with creativity.


the second book that i just bought two days ago “101 creative notes” showed practical way in implementing your creativit muscle and can be used in whenever you are or whatever your job is. simple habit that he told is to try different way when you go to the office, try to have meeting in different area, and familirazed to meet many people to find new creative aspect that can be found during that. I havent finished this yet but from the page, i realized that naturally all human has been given great creativity skill, such as children really like to draw many things,but when they grew up realistic thing japperdize fun, enjoy,creativity in the name safety.

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