There is no free lunch

13 Feb

On this section I want to review some of experience from my friend that how give high priority to Allah give them best result

In some condition we are trappped in our logic mind especially in our busy activity and “limited” condition

But now I learn that we must put effort and give first priority to Allah if we want to be “prioritized” in achieving success in world and akherat.There is no free lunch and free gift on that dude..

We want to have good career,profitable business,happy familiy,expensive car,vacation to many country,more free time,good financial,etc

Do you think can reach all of that by yourself only effort? Abselutely not Laa dude! ( accen singapore,wkwk) we only have max 24hr\day limited power, fluktuatif spirit,limited budget (this for sure,hahah)

So we need help from the creator of Nature,Allah the mighty, the richest generous and mercifull.And for that there is no free gift,He will give you more than we effort for sure but must pursue if want to be “first class”citizen

How is that :
1.Give best effort to keep the sholat time ontime, jamaah in mosque. Especially for shubuh,the hardest part from my opinion.

2.Don’t lose dhuha pray,tahajjud,and taubat pray

3.Change your mindset about shadaqoh,we”re the one who need shodaqoh cause it will help us a a lot.So don’t forget to give shodaqoh, first class citizen will give at least 10% of their income.And as Allah promise this shodaqoh will not make you poor but will added,added and added.Insya Allah

4.Discipline.That’s for sure what will first class citizen will do.discipline is pride and give many benefit

5.Read 7 habits of highly effective people,heheh there are many tips on there to increae productivity

Ok that’s for now,let’s pursuing “first class citizen” by equalling our effort,ciao!


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2 responses to “There is no free lunch

  1. kartikarahmawati

    February 15, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Nice post dude…
    easy to read so hard to do…


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