Lesson from Bangladesh

06 Feb

Last week I got assignment to Bangladesh for 1 week, to conduct market research about their telecom market from Fixed & mobile. Many things that I got from visit into that country, meet new people, seeing places ,learn the culture. I Arrived in Bangladesh on 29th January SUnday afternoon after transit in Dubai using emirates. Actually I can save time with using SQ that transit in Singapore and go to Dacca but you know want to have experience to put your step in Dubai though its only in the airport,,hehehe

On there I stayed in Ruposhi Bangla hotel, really nice hotel

SOme of the lesson that I got from Bangladesh

1.People in Dhaka always dress in neat even the bus driver,rickshaw! The neat way in this mean using work dress,coat and black trousers,it make me dissapoint cause i dont bring coat to there to meet with the contact ( One thing that i’ll keep remember)

2. The traffic is terrible, scary cause the car,motorcyle,bajaj and rickshaw fighting compete each other to get their way

3. Almost 80% of the people in dhaka live in the flat/apartment cause dhaka is really dense and mostly people has low income affect living in the economic flat preferreble

4.Religion not assure you to become prosperous but combine with the work hard,discipline will make it deadfull combination ( like what happen in Dubai) cause 90% from the 160 Million people in Bangladesh are moslems, but 80% of it still live below the standard

5.Again, language especially English become the most essential part to enter the global business even it for work,study and whatever it is.that’s one of the reason why I try to using English in writing this blog 😀

Okay here some of the pic that I take in last day with take 1 day city tour along Dhaka city

palace of old Dhaka

palace of Dhaka city

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