Lesson from Mr Nukman Luthfi ( Founder of Virtual Consulting)

28 Jan

Two days ago I won “price” from Pak Nukman one of my insipiring person in Online Market, he gave opportunity to meet him in coffe shop Pacific Place, this interesting cause before that I only know him through his blog,, that discuss marketing, PR & HR in online matter. Along with us is Rachma & Rena that also invited by Pak Luthfi through his twitter. Many thing that we discussed on that conversation from his career,his experience, passion some of the point that I learn from his is :

1. Total in your work, love it as you’ll feel like play
His enthusiasm about his work since become journalist in Bisnis Indonesia, SWA, and Director of show this, I also agree that by loving what you do you’ll achieve more,happy & healthy cause you feel gratititude cause feel like playing game rather than do job

2. Vision is really important
he know that his goal is to become Entrepreneur and this is what he target for. Since he first make Virtual COnsulting his vision is to become the best consulting Firm in Indonesia,

3. If you still become an employee do with total
great thing that he said that he never take annual leave meanwhile on work and not ask for increasing salary. Its quite surprise cause the main thing as employee I think is to take as many annual leave as you can, and asking increasing salary! hahaha, but thats the point if Employee give 1000 you must give to company 10000, why? because you want to do that, you know you need the knowledge behind that and will be usefull on next day. And if your company can’t appriciate your value, other company will do.

Thats some point that I learn from Inspiring person Pak Nukman of Digital Consulting

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