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7 Miracle of fortune

In 30th october 2011 me & my gf attended a training or seminar that is held by Ippho santosa, one of the best book that i ever read. Maybe you also have read his book “7 miracle of fortune”. This seminar is awesome, open my mind cause was intented by 3 great presenter the 1st presenter is Ali Akbar, an expert of SEO ( search engine optimaziaon), Ippho Santosa and Jamil Azzaini. That this 3 “lecture” is awesome and give me spirit really different like other seminar /training that i have attended. Especially for Ippho Santosa they give me new perseption,that change my habit onward about 7 steps that he wrote on his book.
As some preview one of his step is called “couple of angle” that is the powerfull miracle from our mother and our wife blessing. On of the main point is WIFE not MISTRESSES loh ya!,,hahaha

Ok that one of the preview from seminar 7 miracle of fortune hopefully you can read that super book.And this is some pic that is taken after seminar. Enjoy!

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