I’d rather dance with you

27 Oct

I\'d rather dance with you
I’d rather dance with you than talk with you
So why don’t we just move into the other room
There’s space for us to shake, and hey, I like this tune

Even if I could hear what you said
I doubt my reply would be interesting for you to hear
Because I haven’t read a single book all year
And the only film I saw, I didn’t like it at all

I’d rather dance, I’d rather dance than talk with you
I’d rather dance, I’d rather dance than talk with you 

The music’s too loud and the noise from the crowd
Increases the chance of misinterpretation
So let your hips do the talking
I’ll make you laugh by acting like the guy who sings
And you’ll make me smile by really getting into the swing
Getting into the swing, getting into the swing

Ini lagu menurut gw mencerminkan tanpa berbicara pun kita bisa berkomunikasi untuk menyampaikan perasaan dengan sangat indah,,karena bahasa tubuh mencerminkan isi hati secara virtual..


Posted by on October 27, 2009 in Art


4 responses to “I’d rather dance with you

  1. ridhobustami

    October 31, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    weitss apdate apdate….

    lanjut lanjut………. lagu menceriminkan perasaan kali yak….

    • Fajar Hidayat

      November 26, 2009 at 2:04 pm

      benull,,song is representatip of our feelings.. (opo kui..kekeke)

  2. Andhika

    November 4, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    kalo lagi jatuh cinta emang cocok ama lagu ini.

    kalo lagi putus cinta, cek kesinih 😀


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