Indosat superwifi soul for your super gadget!

Apa jadinyanya kalo gadget, tablet, smartphone kita yang canggih canggih kecepatan tinggi tapi enggak dapet koneksi Internet?? Mati gayaa…iyalah liat aja sekarang hampir semua aplikasi butuh koneksi internet ibaratnya koneksi internet untuk smartphone,tablet, notebook itu seperti “soulnya” semua gadget hebat itu. liat aja sekarang lo pake bBlackberry, bbman download di BB appworld, whatsapp, LINE browsing pake INTERNET, lo pake iPhone,ipad dari buat cek berita di flipboardtwitter, echofone, facebook,semua butuh internet sob…apalagi yang namanya appworld banyak applikasi yahud donglodnya pake apa donk tu kalo gak pake internet…makanya kalo internet kita lambat udah deh tu pasti ngedumel dari bbm lambat sampe kagak bisa apdet status facebook, dan kalo udah gak dpt inetner paling manyun tuh dipojokan sambil maen game angry bird!

makanya sekarang ada solusi hebat dari Indosat, namanya Indosat SUPERWIFi inget ya SUPERWIFI bukan SUPERwife! hehehhe

Yang namanya frekwensi operator sob itu namanya juga sumber daya yang tidak terbarukan jadi semua operator pasti ada saat dimana traffik sedang penuh tapi melalui SUPERWIFI ini akses internet diambil langsung dari pipa kanal fiber optim tanpa melalui kanal bts nama kerennya traffic offloadsob jadi itu cara untuk membuat aliran traffik internet dapat dialirkam melalui pipa fiber optik dan mengurangi beban dari traffik 3G operator…

karena trafficnya diambil langsung dari pipa optic maka effectnya internetan jadi super kencang jadi lo bisa puas puasin deh tu download applikasi, nyetel youtube, apalagi yang cuma whatsapp, update status facebook,twitter, lewat semua sobb…makanya Indosat sekarang sedang banyak membangung titik titik Access Point terutama mulai dari area public seperti mall, perkantoran, tempat hangout sampai akhir 2013 direncanakan akan menggelar 100000 access point.Kedepannya bukan tidak mungkin bisa hadir di kompleks lo ato bahkan bisa request di rumah.

Hebatnya lagi sob Indosat SUPERWIFI ini sudah mengadopsi teknologi yang namanya seamless wifi jadi gadgetlo kalo berlangganan pake Indosat ketika di mendeteksi adanya jaringan Indosat akan otomatis masuk ke mode wifi jadi internet lo otomatis kenceng pas masuk zona Indosat SUPERWIFI jadi pas lo misalnya lagi jalan di Grand Indonesia, lo gak perlu lagi setting untuk login, BlackBerry,iPhone, Samsung, semua bisa untuk masuk otomatis ke zona Indosat SUPERWIFI asal lo udah berlanggananpaket data Indosat. Tapi jangan khawatir sob, harga paket Indosat SUPERWIFI hampir sudah semua termasuk dalam paket data bulanan, jadi buat lo yang udah langganan paket data Indosat bulanan otomatis mendapat akses Seamless WifiIndosat! Asikk kann…makanya tunggu apalagi sob mending lo langsung daftari paket data bulananlo supaye dapet akses ke Indosat SUPERWIFI

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when the last time you do work with full of heart?

Yesterday me and my wife came to @atamerica event attended event about leadeship talk, one of the speaker is @renecc one of my favorite coach/inspirator or whatever its called.. on that talk he mentioned about “people,passion and performance”. I”ve seen many of rene speech in youtube or tv but each of it still really interseting and there always something new from him.
many of his statement or question to us that inspiring me, some of it are :
-when the last time you enjoy your activity,and feel thats really me!
-what your work impact for the environment or people around you?
-do you follow your heart to do the activity so you give your full energy because you so passionate about that?

Thing less, feel more! he said passion is something that the acitvity you enjoy most, and it could many things…maybe you enjoy most when cooking, you enjoy most when selling, you enjoy most when facing child etc…whatever it is you feel become the best version of yourself

in summary he added that our choice of activity must be good in :
– financially benefit
– give impact to environment and people

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Legacy project

This thinking initiated by feelings that life is so short and quick…yesterday you feel that just graduated from highschool,hangout with first year university friend, and now suddenly realized that you have married, or just realized that tomorrow is your 40+ birthday! ( though i”m not that old yet..hehe) and I remembered in stephen covey quote “starting from the end is looking to the finishnline what are the people will remember you when you have died? what will people know or remembered when your name is called? or from the film “gladiator” general Maximus said “what we do in life echoed in ethernity”

This quote is strongly noted that what our contribution to the humankind and as legacy.Some of the legacy that we can initiated

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the creative jungkies

this is about the book that i bought this month and last month. yup one of my inspiring person, yorris sebastia, he wrote two books already and the book really show him how he practice his creative mind from time to time. firs book: oh my goodness! told about his background, and told about his habit in creativity and how he become “addicted” with creativity.


the second book that i just bought two days ago “101 creative notes” showed practical way in implementing your creativit muscle and can be used in whenever you are or whatever your job is. simple habit that he told is to try different way when you go to the office, try to have meeting in different area, and familirazed to meet many people to find new creative aspect that can be found during that. I havent finished this yet but from the page, i realized that naturally all human has been given great creativity skill, such as children really like to draw many things,but when they grew up realistic thing japperdize fun, enjoy,creativity in the name safety.

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There is no free lunch

On this section I want to review some of experience from my friend that how give high priority to Allah give them best result

In some condition we are trappped in our logic mind especially in our busy activity and “limited” condition

But now I learn that we must put effort and give first priority to Allah if we want to be “prioritized” in achieving success in world and akherat.There is no free lunch and free gift on that dude..

We want to have good career,profitable business,happy familiy,expensive car,vacation to many country,more free time,good financial,etc

Do you think can reach all of that by yourself only effort? Abselutely not Laa dude! ( accen singapore,wkwk) we only have max 24hr\day limited power, fluktuatif spirit,limited budget (this for sure,hahah)

So we need help from the creator of Nature,Allah the mighty, the richest generous and mercifull.And for that there is no free gift,He will give you more than we effort for sure but must pursue if want to be “first class”citizen

How is that :
1.Give best effort to keep the sholat time ontime, jamaah in mosque. Especially for shubuh,the hardest part from my opinion.

2.Don’t lose dhuha pray,tahajjud,and taubat pray

3.Change your mindset about shadaqoh,we”re the one who need shodaqoh cause it will help us a a lot.So don’t forget to give shodaqoh, first class citizen will give at least 10% of their income.And as Allah promise this shodaqoh will not make you poor but will added,added and added.Insya Allah

4.Discipline.That’s for sure what will first class citizen will do.discipline is pride and give many benefit

5.Read 7 habits of highly effective people,heheh there are many tips on there to increae productivity

Ok that’s for now,let’s pursuing “first class citizen” by equalling our effort,ciao!


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Lesson from Bangladesh

Last week I got assignment to Bangladesh for 1 week, to conduct market research about their telecom market from Fixed & mobile. Many things that I got from visit into that country, meet new people, seeing places ,learn the culture. I Arrived in Bangladesh on 29th January SUnday afternoon after transit in Dubai using emirates. Actually I can save time with using SQ that transit in Singapore and go to Dacca but you know want to have experience to put your step in Dubai though its only in the airport,,hehehe

On there I stayed in Ruposhi Bangla hotel, really nice hotel

SOme of the lesson that I got from Bangladesh

1.People in Dhaka always dress in neat even the bus driver,rickshaw! The neat way in this mean using work dress,coat and black trousers,it make me dissapoint cause i dont bring coat to there to meet with the contact ( One thing that i’ll keep remember)

2. The traffic is terrible, scary cause the car,motorcyle,bajaj and rickshaw fighting compete each other to get their way

3. Almost 80% of the people in dhaka live in the flat/apartment cause dhaka is really dense and mostly people has low income affect living in the economic flat preferreble

4.Religion not assure you to become prosperous but combine with the work hard,discipline will make it deadfull combination ( like what happen in Dubai) cause 90% from the 160 Million people in Bangladesh are moslems, but 80% of it still live below the standard

5.Again, language especially English become the most essential part to enter the global business even it for work,study and whatever it is.that’s one of the reason why I try to using English in writing this blog 😀

Okay here some of the pic that I take in last day with take 1 day city tour along Dhaka city

palace of old Dhaka

palace of Dhaka city

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Lesson from Mr Nukman Luthfi ( Founder of Virtual Consulting)

Two days ago I won “price” from Pak Nukman one of my insipiring person in Online Market, he gave opportunity to meet him in coffe shop Pacific Place, this interesting cause before that I only know him through his blog,, that discuss marketing, PR & HR in online matter. Along with us is Rachma & Rena that also invited by Pak Luthfi through his twitter. Many thing that we discussed on that conversation from his career,his experience, passion some of the point that I learn from his is :

1. Total in your work, love it as you’ll feel like play
His enthusiasm about his work since become journalist in Bisnis Indonesia, SWA, and Director of show this, I also agree that by loving what you do you’ll achieve more,happy & healthy cause you feel gratititude cause feel like playing game rather than do job

2. Vision is really important
he know that his goal is to become Entrepreneur and this is what he target for. Since he first make Virtual COnsulting his vision is to become the best consulting Firm in Indonesia,

3. If you still become an employee do with total
great thing that he said that he never take annual leave meanwhile on work and not ask for increasing salary. Its quite surprise cause the main thing as employee I think is to take as many annual leave as you can, and asking increasing salary! hahaha, but thats the point if Employee give 1000 you must give to company 10000, why? because you want to do that, you know you need the knowledge behind that and will be usefull on next day. And if your company can’t appriciate your value, other company will do.

Thats some point that I learn from Inspiring person Pak Nukman of Digital Consulting

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Five tower land opening poem

Puisi yang menginsiprasi dari halaman depan novel negri 5 menara :

Orang berilmu dan beradap tidak akan diam di kampung halaman
Tinggalkan negrimu dan merantaulah ke negri orang
Merantaulah,kau akan dapatkan pengganti dari kerabat dan kawan
Berlelah lelahlah, manisnya hidup terpasa setelah lelah berjuang

Aku melihat air menjadi rusak karena diam tertahan
Jika mengalir menjadi jernih, jika tidak, kan keruh menggenang

Singa jika tak tinggalkan sarang tak akan dapat mangsa
Anak panah jika tidak tinggalkan busur tak akan kena sasaran

Jika matahari di orbitnya tidak bergerak dan terus diam
Tentu manusia bosan padanya dan enggan memandang

Bijih emas bagaikan tanah biasa sebelum digali dari tambang
Kayu gaharu tak ubahnya seperti kayu biasa jika di dalam huta

-Imam Syafii-

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Living in the fastlane

Yeah that title is inspired by a blog from Himawan Nugroho, a cisco suhu expert that i admire, so i’ll make my own version how to reach and entering living in the fastlane,combining the session learning that I’ve got from other suhu Ippho Santosa

1. Wake up maximize at 6 am, read 1 page of quran & 5 vocabularry
2. Pray Dhuha
3. Never forget shadaqah

That the simple way but quite hard if not be disciplined so start from now & let see what happen!


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7 Miracle of fortune

In 30th october 2011 me & my gf attended a training or seminar that is held by Ippho santosa, one of the best book that i ever read. Maybe you also have read his book “7 miracle of fortune”. This seminar is awesome, open my mind cause was intented by 3 great presenter the 1st presenter is Ali Akbar, an expert of SEO ( search engine optimaziaon), Ippho Santosa and Jamil Azzaini. That this 3 “lecture” is awesome and give me spirit really different like other seminar /training that i have attended. Especially for Ippho Santosa they give me new perseption,that change my habit onward about 7 steps that he wrote on his book.
As some preview one of his step is called “couple of angle” that is the powerfull miracle from our mother and our wife blessing. On of the main point is WIFE not MISTRESSES loh ya!,,hahaha

Ok that one of the preview from seminar 7 miracle of fortune hopefully you can read that super book.And this is some pic that is taken after seminar. Enjoy!

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